Connecting Twitter

Before you start

Once you have enrolled as a Yozobi Inbox customer you will be sent a unique link that will enable you to connect your social media accounts.

You must await an email from us with the subject Yozobi Inbox Social Activation Link.

Example link:

It is recommended that you paste the link that we email you in to a Private Browsing or Incognito browser window, so that you are not logged in to any social media accounts before the next step.

Begin the authentication process

Press Authorise app

If you are not asked for a username or password it is likely that your browser already has a logged in Twitter session. Please check that you are authorising the correct Twitter account (i.e. your organisation's rather than your personal account) before proceeding.

Twitter Account Settings

Allow Direct Messages from anyone

By default, Twitter only lets you receive Direct Messages from accounts that you follow.

If you plan on using your Twitter account to receive enquiries from the public, you will need to change this setting.

It is recommended that you enable this by visiting and checking the following option:

Disable Twitter's built-in email notifications

Twitter has email notifications turned on by default.

These are not like the Yozobi Inbox email notficiations because you cannot reply to Twitter DMs by replying to the email.

It is recommended that you disable these duplicate notifications by visiting and clicking turn off:

Disconnecting from Yozobi Inbox

You can revoke Yozobi Inbox's access to your Twitter account at any time by visiting

Once you have revoked access Yozobi Inbox will no longer be able to relay messages from your Twitter account.

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